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hazardous substances

there was a fine relationship with my tenant.  It is not fine any longer.  While it was fine, I noticed a cylinder of helium being stored in the shed.  I did not say anything about it.  Now that the relationship is not so fine,  how can I notify them of a violation of not having hazardous substances properly secured if I am not suppose to be on the property.    The police have been called by the tenant saying i've been on the property going thru his belongings...this is NOT true, but it is what he reported.  

To me it would seem suspect to send such a letter, being as you have not "been" at the property. How would you describe to the tenant that you saw such materials. Also, not sure if helium can be described as hazardous.
that's the thing...when all was good, we were at the property and saw the cylinder.  I'm not exactly sure if it is helium, but it is a compressed gas cylinder and needs to be stored under certain guidelines.  
Call City hall. They will tell you what is allowed on the property.
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