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additional tenant - amend the lease or approve sub-tenant

My existing tenant wants her boyfriend to move in.  Any advice about whether it's better to amend the lease to add him, thus making him jointly responsible, or whether it is better to leave the existing lease and allow her to have a sub-tenant, thus making her solely responsible.  (He has submitted an application and all required financial documents - all now approved.)  Thanks!

I would def add him, esp. if he plans to live there. It's always best to make all parties responsible.
I have an excellent tenant of two years that just  moved in his girlfriend.  She is not working and no income.  We did a new lease adding her and a pet onto the lease.    I received a call after from the good tenant indicating that he does not want her on the lease.  They signed the copies, but  I have not had the final copy signed by the owner of the property yet.   Evidently, he wants her out and she is indicating that she has a lease and he should get out.  (I told him not to leave)  Should I redo the lease  agreement and put her as an occupant since she has no income,  like I did with his minor children.  That way she can not have any stand  in regards to a lease.   He has always paid the rent and everything is up to date. My fear is that she is trying to free load and knows the eviction process.  
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