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Prospective Tenant wants to have a Baby Grand Piano - ADVICE PLEASE!

Hi,   I have a prospective tenant who is a classical pianist and wants to move a baby grand piano in to the house.  It is a small bungalow, and when I bought the place in 2004, I did have the floor in the living room reinforced.  They added concrete footings and piers and leveled the floor.  I think the weight of the piano is roughly 500-600 lbs.  Since he hasn't bought the piano yet, I'm assuming the store will be delivering it, and that it will be handled professionally, (but will confirm).    Has anyone dealt with this?  What things should I add to the lease?  I already require a two month deposit that may NOT be used for the last month's rent.  What other precautions do you think I should take?  Other clauses to include in the lease?  What type of insurance should I require.  Please help!  Thanks R Snyder

By the way, the rental unit I mentioned above is in Los Angeles, CA
hello,  I have a 1920's baby grand and I'm looking to sell it.  My name is Wendy and you can email me at or call me at 951-240-2959.  I am located in the Temecula, CA area.  Wendy
Create a Piano Addendum which states that he must have a “Renter’s Insurance” policy and include you on it and have the agent send you a copy. This is to be done before tenant takes possession of property…… I’d also consider having a statement that allows you to remove the piano and dispose of it if tenant does not remove piano when they vacate/abandons or are evicted from the property. They further agree to be responsible for all cost for removal/disposal……If they disagree with any of the terms, they’re telling you something. Make sure that tenant dates and signs addendum. -----Disclaimer: Since I’ve been answering a lot of questions, I thought I would make the following statement. I’m not affiliated with EZlandlord Forms. I’m just here (not sure how long) to help those that have questions. Having 40+ yrs with Rental Property and done well, it’s my way of “Pay it Forward (check out the movie).” However, it is up to you to become familiar with Fed/State/Local and Tax Laws. I always like to know if the suggestions I offer are helpful. Feel free to comment anytime. Thanks in Advance. BTW...check out the Rental Property Organizer at Free Trial Download with data. Check out the new $$$$ for 2012
Thanks, Bob!  Just wondering, when you say "include me on the policy" what do you mean:  as a beneficiary? Or something else? Sorry for the newbie question.  Thanks so much!
No problem. You're asking the right questions...... Here's language to consider - “Tenant is required to obtain a tenants' insurance policy (Renter’s Insurance) and name Landlord (property owners names) as "Additionally Insured" on the policy. Policy to cover Tenant(s) liability, personal property damage, and damage to the premises.” ..... The insurance company should send you a renewal policy annually showing tenant infact did renew policy.
Thanks Bob!  Great advice.  Also, good point about the removal too!
How much noise do you believe this piano will create for the neighbors?
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