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transfer lease to new property manager - GA

Hello,  I'm the owner of several rental properties in Georgia.  We have been using a property manager to landlord our properties. We are switching to a new property manager and transferring leases as of August 1. All rent and requirements will remain the same with the new property manager. Tenants have been offered a lease with new landlord with same rent and requirement.   Tenants have been notified if they refuse to accept new landlord, they may terminate lease without penalty as long as August rent is paid in full and property is vacated before the end of August (thus fulfilling tenant's 30 day required notice).  One tenant refuses to transfer saying he wants to continue to rent from previous landlord and if forced to move will sue for moving expenses due to breach of contract.   Previous lease clearly states landlord is an agent of the owner and not an agent of tenant.  I can see three options available: 1 - tenant transfers to new property manager and continues to pay rent and remain in the property for duration of lease. 2 - tenant pays August rent and terminates his lease by moving at his expense before end of August. 3 - previous landlord provides 60 days written notice as per lease that lease is terminated and tenant must move at his expense before end of 60 days.  Please advise.  Am I missing something from GA code that would prevent us from changing property managers?
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