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Tenant terminates lease early

Thank you for your answer on my previous post. I am a new landlord and the contract I signed for a year lease does not specify the penalties for terminating the lease early. It has a part though that states that " Lease shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington". The Washington's Landlord/Tenant Act describes the tenants obligation to remain liable for making payments until the house is re-rented. The tenant insists on having no such obligation because the contract itself does not specify that. Who is wright? I think that, even though I might have used the lease agreement that should have been more specific on this matter, the contract is still in action under the Washington State Law that specifies the penalty (such as being liable for payment until the house is re-rented) for breaking the lease. Although, the definition of Lease suggests a fixed period of time during which BOTH parties have obligations. Please, help.
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It sounds as though you know a good amount about the landlord tenant act, at this point I would take your matters to court. Try and look very closely to your lease to see if there is anyway to fix the situation. Also, I am not sure which party terminated the tenancy. Try looking at section 59.18.352 of the Washington RTA.
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