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Tenants late on rent payment

my tentants are very good tentants and in their 2 year lease. They usually pay on time or early. I received a text message the other day informing me that they would be late this month because of expected items and that payment would be made in 2 payments with most be recieved next week. Should i still send a demand letter or just talk with them and wait for payment?

I would be safe and send the letter. ITs better to be safe then sorry. If you have a good relationship with your tenants and are worried about ruining that then send them a text warning them about the letter, stating that you are legally required to send the letter.
To be safe, send them a letter because you can also talk to your tenants after sending the letter. I use property management services from Hunter Rentals & Property Management, a real estate firm in Texas. They manage everything from rent to tenant screening.
Sylvester- I haev the same issue with our tenant. I sent them a Late Rent Demand for Payment Notice just to play safe.
I will recommend the same, send the letter and let them know its standard procedure. Then let them know that there will be late fee that will apply as stated in the contract, let them know they can refer back to the lease contract. This is additional revenue for you as a landlord. This normally will put them back on track with paying their rent on time.
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