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Additional tenants & pets

I am currently renting my house.  The lease agreement is for 2 adults and 2 dogs.  My tenant has indicated that his in-laws have shown an interest in moving in with them.  They have a dog and a cat.  Do you just say no, or can you amend the lease to add them and charge an additional pet fee and additional rent.  What would be an appropriate increase in rent.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Lynn

With a signed lease, terms are as is. If terms change, such as  new tenants, or pets its your decision to decide what the new terms are. If there are new terms, I would certainly have your tenants sign a lease amendment.
I agree with Karen. Adding tenants or pets would warrant a lease amendment. There is no set amount to increase in rent per person/pet. But just stick to what you would believe is fair and agreeable.
I would sign them into another lease with a whole new term with adding in all new information so that legally I would be covered for any and all problems that may occur holding all signed parties over the age of 18 liable for the property and sections of the lease. It will play out better than only holding the current tenants liable for the lease and the in-laws plus added pets actions. Then you can increase the rent and any pet deposits per animal that you see fit written up in the new lease agreement and have all parties sign to will be up to them collectively to come up with any monetary adjustments you have made. Holding the additional parties liable puts a sense of responsibility on them instead of them living it up like long term house guests that can just leave at anytime they see fit and leaving any damages they caused onto the tenants that signed the lease.
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