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Can I put penalty in lease for hid pets?

If a renter brings in a pet to live in the renal property or a visitor brings in a pet into the house, can we put a penalty such as forfeiting deposit or termination of the lease in the lease form? What kind of penalties are legal and what not? We are living in California.

If you do not allow pets within the property, and its in your lease you should be fine. Because if the tenant decides to purchase/house a pet its a violation of the lease, which is grounds for termination of tenancy.
Karen, Thank you very much. Since I am the first time landlord, I am really concerned what we can do or can't do to avoid being sued. Thanks again.
If I allow pets, but require a pet fee, and my tenet has not informed me of a new (say Cat) is That grounds for termination of lease or can I just demand the 200.00 pet fee and do I charge penalty?
YES, YES, YES, FROM A LANDLORD NOT AN ATTORNEY!!!  I want to make it clear to my tenants that I mean business.  Saying no pets as you probably already no is not always effective. If your contract does not state what the financial penalty will be then it will most likely be deducted from the deposit. Then you might only get a carpet cleaning fee or no fee at all. I do not want a violation fee or a pet fee deducted from the deposit, as the deposit needs to be in place for move out damages and assurance of the fulfillment of the contract NOT UNWANTED PETS.  PETS-This property will NOT allow pets. Animal Violation Charges per occurrence per pet:  $500.00 (No visiting animals allowed) This fee will be charged for any reason an animal is on the property. This fee does not include fees for which damage may have occurred. Violation fees are in addition to the security deposit and due upon request.    If the fee is handed over immediately great if not I give them a 10 day notice of the right to cure or move!!
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