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Renters Want To Terminate Lease 2 Months Early with No Penalty

I currently have renters that are relocating with their job.  They have already paid rent for August and they want that to be the end of their lease.  Their lease by contract is up October 15, 2013.  In Kentucky, am I allowed to charge them for the remainder of the months of their lease?  Or is their a minimum 30 day requirement for notice?  Can I charge a termination fee?  My contract from this website does not specify these things.
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Hi Jaime, In most states the landlord has a right to mitigate the losses suffered when a tenant breaks the lease. Of course, you would have to make every effort to get it re-rented as soon as possible. You should be able to charge for every month the home remains vacant. Of course, I'm in Maryland, but it works this way in most states (I've owned properties in other states as well and this has been the case in all other states I've owned in).
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