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Can I repost a listing with a higher rent and not get in trouble?

I was wondering if I put an ad in Craigs list at a specific rent, and get a huge number of responses but have not responded to any of the requests for more information, can I repost the ad with a higher rent and not get in trouble?  Do I have to inform all of the people who sent emails to me that I am reposting it at a higher rent or do I have to offer it at the original rent only?

There are several localities that enforce rent control and stabilization practices, as well as eviction control. Some of these cities are: Beverly Hills, Campbell, East Palo Alto, Fremont, Glendale, Hayward, Los Angeles, Los Gatos, Oakland, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks and West Hollywood. Please check with local housing officials, an attorney, or the rent control board for further information and to ensure compliance
That mentality is not a good one to have regardless of stabilization control.  However, there are seasonal demands of course where as it may be more expensive or less expensive for a tenant to rent.  Discounts and incentives may not be given during high demand season.  Summer is my slow month. On Craig’s list hit map view and you can see how much rent is going for in your listed neighborhood.  I analyze both list view and map view. This will help you know your market. I have, but rarely have raised my rent, but I pulled the ad and placed it a later date when I decided I had time to upgrade my home with a face-lift. I was not asked about the higher rent amount as the tenant was unaware but if I would have been asked I could of showed walls were newly painted and textured. New landscaping, newly paint on trim on outside etc.   I would have an explanation other then demand. If you are unsure of the rent amount in your area go higher then lower, you can always go down. Renters may think they’re getting a bargain. I have been a landlord for many years more then 20, landlords do occasionally up the rent and lower it. It's not about getting in trouble it's about credibility.  You don’t want to turn off a prospective tenant.  Additionally, you don’t want to have your ad out of Craig’s list for too long as you let time pass so you can advertise again. There is nothing like doing it right the first time. You do not have to respond to the emails you are referring to. Be aware you may offend prospective tenants when they see a higher rent advertised. You need to wait so they have moved on, if not you will be in a position to explain. Demand in the market is probably offensive. You’ll sound like a snake. Which you some what already do, sorry.
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