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Tenant is not signing renewal

- lease does not renew automatically (states to vacate premises at the end). It was two years lease (total time of occupancy - three years, after year one it was renewed to two years with original conditions - no auto-review, vacate at the end) - notice with renewal options was send 61 days prior the end of the lease (we want month to month - not sure about selling the property) - we're not willing to end current lease (if we decide not to sell property - we can go back to long term lease with same tenant)   Tenant is bargaining now about terms (not willing month to month). We told her we will let her now by the end of this week about options.    We might offer 6mos lease, but then would rather go through April next year and then put up vacant property for sale.   The raise in the rent is $100 (which is approx 4%)   Question is what if she refuses to sign the renewal? Do we let lease expire and start eviction?   It's in CA. Not regulated. Tenant is senior if it matters.   Thank you!  -- V.

If a lease renewal is not signed, then the original lease terms would apply and the lease would end. If a tenant chooses not to move, then unfortunately you need to proceed with an eviction.
Thank you!   Apparently she was worrying that we want to evict her (month to month) and would raise rent every month. We dont intent on doing both. Month to month is to give us flexibility and she still has 60 days notice from us if we to term the lease because she was  here for more than two years. We agreeing on not raising the rent through next year, so that should keep us both happy.  -- V.
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