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Lease is signed. But tenant wants to NOT move in? Canada

Holy smokes, what a day. The 'new' tenant has signed the lease as of last evening. Pre dated to Sept 1. He called today and advised that his roomates do not want to move now. I cannot find anything that pertains to how this should play out. I am going crazy with all the jargon. Tenant has his own signed copy in his hands.  In Nova scotia, Canada.  Any ideas?

Once the lease is signed, the tenancy must start. Do all of the roommates have a separate lease?
no, there is only one lease. The person on it signed for all of them. ALthough I do have all the names listed under 'others'  As of today, it is still a no move. The person is frantically trying to find some one to lease it. I truly hope this plays out to the good, but time will tell.  I am concerned as to WHO pays for the rent next month, due the first.
If only one signature is on the lease, then that person is solely responsible for fulfilling the lease. Technically, if they were to move in and only the one roommate sign the lease, he is the only one you can hold liable. With the others not signing, they did not "agree" to the terms of the lease, and therefore you could not hold them liable for non payment or other violations (unless you found a really really sympathetic judge). My understanding is if that one tenant does not pay the rent agreed, then you can take him to court for nonpayment.
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