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Month-to-Month Lease

I have a potential client who is in the military and will be heading out soon. He said he will be gone a year but there is a possibility he will be coming home within a few months and would want to move back into his home if he does come home early. I'm wondering if I should take this property on or not. Is it harder to find tenants for a home if the lease is month-to-month rather than a year lease? Also, if I do take this property on, would it be better to leave it furnished?

You want to make sure that you are not taking a hit or are going to be putting yourself in the negative. It really is tough but temporary housing may be better for this person. If you were signing a year lease you would be required to release him with no penalties because he is in the armed forces. If you do take it on and he is still going to pay rent, that may work but make sure that there is a way to keep communication open in case you need to enter or keep tabs on the property if  no one is there.  If they are still paying keeping it furnished would not be bad but again, if you can find some one that will actually be living there that is better.
No. Courts are only used if they do not comply with leaving. Only the names on the lease need to be notified.
If they don't move out you still have to go threw the eviction process.
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