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Lease renewal in FL

I have a 1 yr lease that expires Apr 30th.  Tenant is required to give 60 days notice to vacate.  When should I send lease renewal?

What I do is send a notice 30 before the end of the lease saying that the lease will renew and an renewal form will be following shortly to sign. It is more of an informal letter then with in that 30 days I send the actual notice to be signed before the end of the current lease. Usually 2 weeks is enough time.
I had rented with Tropicana Realty last year and when my lease was about to expire, the property manager sent me a notice 30 days prior to that. I think you should do the same so that the tenant doesn't face any inconvenience.
Our lease is set up to automatically renew either month to month or for another term unless notice is given in advance of lease expiration. We are very adamant that the tenant read this part and initial so they are very aware of the contract.  I do think if you want to give notice of term expiring that you should offer them the option to renew for what ever term or give notice.  You will find tenants appreciate this.
At sixty days I gave my tenants the form "lease renewal agreement" from this site.  It is part of the contract/lease they signed.  Some people get busy and forget.  By mailing or presenting it to them as specified in the lease, everything stays above board.  They did not mind and agreed to renew.
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