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over use of utilities.

My tenant runs her AC night and day even when it's cool out. She refuses to turn it off even when not home. My electric bill is enormous. What can I do??

Unless you have something outlined in your lease which addresses this issue, there's not a lot you can do except try to reason with your tenant. In the future, if you are going to be responsible for covering the utilities, you can indicate in the lease that any amount over $$ will be the tenant's responsibility and refusal to pay that overage would be a direct violation of the lease. You can also stipulate in your lease a temp at which the thermostat cannot exceed and when it does landlord may assess fees. Again, all of this has to be addressed in the lease up front.  Hopefully, your tenant will be reasonable when you explain your unnecessarily high elec bills. Good luck.
My tenant has not had electric for 10 days and can not get utilities in their name because of their past due bills how do I get them out.
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