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Backing out of a lease with 15 days of signing (State of Ohio)

After signing a year lease, paying a down deposit, and paying the first months rent. Can a tenant break the lease prior to actually moving in? (State = Ohio)
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Brian, In most states, tenants are responsible for meeting the terms of the lease they've signed whether they have actually moved in or not. Also, landlords are responsible for mitigating their losses when tenants skip out on a lease. That said, the tenant will be responsible for paying for the time it takes for you to secure a new renter. If you secure someone in 15 days, for example, they may be entitled to have the security deposit and the remaining 15 days returned to them because you would not have lost anything more than that. If you are unable to find someone for a few months, the tenant definitely owes the amount of total rent for those few months. You can sue if they end up owing more than the SD and first month's rent covers. You may or may not be successful depending on your state laws and the judge/magistrate  Good luck.
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