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Not sure what my rights are

Me and at the time boyfriend, moved into a place in april, we both signed a 1 year lease agreement. Just over 2 weeks i caught him cheating on me, and i have not heard seen him since, nor heard from him until today. He is asking for me to be out of the house by sept1st. What are my rights to this issue? As i have no place to go, and i moved here to be with him, so i dont even have family to stay with, nor money to leave. What are the lanlords rights? Can they tell him to leave? I can come up with my half of the rent, but i dont have his. Not sure what to do in this situation...Can someone please give me some advice. Thank you

Did you guys sign a lease together, or separate? If you will not have the full rent payment, I would recommend sending your landlord a letter explaining the situation.
If you signed the lease together, he has no more right legally to tell you to leave than you do him.  However, if he has the rent money and you don't, then I think the answer is obvious.  But, you should be entitled to a 30 day notice, per the lease so tell him you'll pay your half and will leave in 30 days. If you come up with enough money to stay on your own, I'd talk to the landlord.  Recommend you closely read the agreement.  As this is a domestic dispute he may ask you both to leave.
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