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Who to return Security Deposit to?

Hello,   I leased a townhouse the tenant signed the lease but her daughter paid the lease by post dated cheques.  The tenant asked for an extension of 3 months which he said that she would be responsible.  We did not sign an extension agreement and she moved after 2 months with only paying or 1 month.  The daughter told me to use the security for the rent money again nothing in writing.  Now the mother have me in court for the security deposit.  Can she sue me for monies that she did not pay.  thanks

You really need to get everything in writing or documentation.  An oral agreement can hold up and normally the security cannot be used as the last months rent with out the consent of the landlord. This is a touchy subject and good luck. Try to gather as much documentation and communication as you can.
If you are in the Bahamas you are under English law I believe.  It is best to seek the advice of a barrister locally.  Protect yourself by documenting the five W's e.g. who, what, where, when and why...   Keep a journal of all matters pertaining to this.  Use dates, time started and time stopped and others present.  The more facts you have the stronger your position will be.   Wish you the best.
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