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Tenants are both disabled and have a month to month agreement with the landlord.  Tenants are both isabled

The tenants are both disabled.  They have been occupying a completely furnished unit, since April 3, 2013. The gentleman has a guide service dog.     Requests of a repairman to  fix household items has become a weekly request.  The last one being the repair of a new LG refrigerator water/ice housing unit on the door, buy pushing too hard on the button and breaking the whole unit.  Cost close to $400.00, The first request to fix  an item was a few days after move-in when the gentleman fell and going forward on the floor broke approx four wood shutters attached to a window , cutting his lip. He then go a service dog, but this month the gardener reported the dog feces was just he  terrible amount in the common area that all the units use to sit and enjoy, paying for the use of that lovely. I wrote them a letter last week that they must abide by the city code and our agreement. It's a terrible concern I have with them keeping the unit in good condition and being fair to the owner also. I look of any help you might have for me, as my patience is running low.
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You mention the tenants are 'disabled' many times however, it does not appear to be relevant except maybe for the fact they have a service animal. 'Disabled' tenants are required to follow the rules under the lease agreement the same way 'other' tenants are- maintain home in good condition- pretty much the way they found it, etc. They are also required to clean up after their pets, etc or have someone else do it. Your lease should specify such things as maintenance of the property and tenant's responsibility to pay for damage they cause, etc. If it does, you can start sending invoices for tenants to pay for those things. Also send a friendly reminder about cleaning up after the pet. Again, if they are unable to do so, because of their 'disability', they can have someone else do it or perhaps you can hire someone to do it and charge them for it. You should also check locally because some cities do not require persons w/ disabilities to have service animals on leashes or that person clean up after them.
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