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Move in/Move out checklist- State of NV

I am assisting a friend who has a really terrible landlord-- upon move-in, in the state of NV, they were given a move in/move out checklist--- and told to return it within 5 days--- however, it was never signed by either party-- the tenants or the landlord.  Fast-forward 18 months later, based upon my readings, this is a state of NV requirement--- does this nullify the agreement?    Thank you

In any local or district court, the judge prevails. Some judges may look at the form and decide to take it into consideration when making a ruling while others may follow the letter of the written law to a "T" and make a ruling based on the lack of the form.  I always tell renters to take pictures, document and have a non-related witness if the landlord is not able to be there. Unfortunately, it is a "Buyer Beware" scenario, Good luck to your friend; she is lucky to have a friend like you.
looking for this, awesome, thank you
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