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expired plates on car. In MO.

We recently received a ticket in the mail from the city stating that a car was illegally parked in an unenclosed area at one of our rental homes.  Turns out that tenant had car parked in carport and the plates were expired.  OK, I can understand that.  But they sent us the ticket.  City Hall says we are responsible.  I am required to go to court and pay fines and court costs. I never heard of  anything like this.  The car is registered in tenant's name, not ours.  After calling City Hall and asking about this, they said they had sent a warning ticket to tenants.  Well, they DID NOT send us one.  If they had, we never would have gotten to this point.  They said that "You might as well put the house up for sale. You have been Tagged and will get citations for each and every violation we find from now on." !?!  What!!  Sounds like a threat to me and a real bad case of discrimination.  Has anyone else ever had to deal with anything like this before?  We have owned this house for over 10 years and have never had any problems with the city at all.  The house is in Florissant, MO.
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Kathy, sounds like it's time for a lawyer. You can pay a small fee to have an attorney write to the department with proof that car does not belong to you, etc. Also, alert the tenant's immediately and ask that they go to court with you, if necessary and definitely charge them any fees you are charged.
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