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Leasing to a Company

I have a company that wants to lease my home.  They are a company that provides residency for disabled/ elderly people.  I have met the disabled person and their families.  The disabled persons  get disability checks and social security checks; however, I do not collect those.  I will only collect from the company or advocate (as the lady called herself) person to collect from.  Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?  I have checked references and they all love the company and would do business if there was a place to put them.  I just want to watch out for anything I haven't thought of.  Thanks!
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Hi William, I'm not in Georgia, but I've deal with this kind of situation before and it turned out really well. For the most part, it's guaranteed money and the tenants are typically low maintenance. The only thing you might have to be concerned about is an inspection by the company- works much like Section 8 inspections, but not quite as strict.  This should be a good experience for you. Good luck.
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