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Charging pet rent in middle of lease

I have moved into the property since 2012. First lease term is Feb 2012-Mar 2013. I was required to pay pet rent $20 to which I signed an addendum. New lease term started April 2013-May 2014, I didn't sign new pet addendum since I negotiated lease with building manager and she waived the pet rent. Now new manager wants to start charging pet rent in the middle of lease term. I refuse since it was in the negotiated lease. He insists that pet addendum from previous lease (Feb 2012-Mar 2013) carries over. Is that accurate?   Is it legal to add an addendum at the middle of lease term?
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If adding an addendum term in the middle of the lease is not mentioned in the lease agreement, then your building manager can't charge you for pet rent. My property manager at Hunter Rentals & Property Management checks every term before renting out an apartment.
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