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commercial leases

any suggestions for a resource for a simple commercial lease?

Interested to hear an answer as well...
The new owners, from my understanding, do not have to honor the same lease they can update the lease or demand possession of the property back but, they must properly give the correct amount of notice to the tenant.  Usually this is 30 or 60 days to leave or look through an updated lease and sign.
If you are land owner, then it is your duty to update the lease and then sell your home. New owner don't have to do these thing. If you are not aware with the leasing information , then you can hire Boca Raton Real Estate Attorney, you will not disappoint.
I was informed that a commercial property landlord, in California) can require the tenant to vacate immediately it the refuse or fail to abide/pay the rental/lease agreement .  Also, can a commercial landlord without  any reason required the lease tenant to move without any reason ?
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