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leasing contract

I have a tenant that has rented my house for around 14 years. At first she was married. When she was divorced  we gave her a very good low rent. The Lease contract is very old and I like to renew also can't find it. As it has been a month to month as the original lease was 14 years ago.. How do I do that should I use the same one its offered here. I wish there was (a area where I would comment on this information). I can start the date at the time her rent will be increased which is in June?2014. Thank You

If the tenant is on a fixed term lease that renews each year unless notice is provided by either party, it renews for that entire term (usually). If the lease reverts to a periodic or is silent on the issue (it would then revert to a month to month, if tenant pays monthly) - then because your tenant has lived in the unit for more than a year, a 60 day notice would need to be given prior to renewing the term, ending it or changing it. Hope this helps!
and what is it called again when a Tenant replaces something like a ceiling fan without written permision from the landlord.. So my fan that was up there is where i dont know.. and dont know if they had a certified installer.. I have photos and video of everything in my house before and after there move in.. I have a photo of the knew fan. So that fan cuz it is attached to my house now is mine and can not be removed.. My concern is that if it was installed properly. If not its a fire hazard plus They did not get permission from me do install it...
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