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Tenant harrasing me because i gave her 30 day notice to leave

Hello,  I recently gave my roommate a 30 day notice to leave. We have a month to month lease with the tenant living in our house. Apparently last night they called the police department saying they were feeling sick and smelled something weird in the house. no one came by or anything ( we are using a small heater in the basement and just turned it on for the first time) This morning she left and went to the fire department to give a "anonymous tip" of a gas leak That's what the fire fighter said. The fire department came luckily my husband was home and they went to the house and we told them it was the heater. they said everything was fine and left. the police officer questioned him and asked if (tenant by name) lived here. we said yes and he told us they called. My question is if they had came when we were not here and knocked down the front door and basement door(which is locked when we are gone) could we have held her accountable for paying for the damages because we were home last night and in the morning and she did not tell us or text or call. I have a feeling she will harass us till she leaves us how to do protect myself legally against this issue?

Are you the landlord or owner of the property? If you are just get the official documents in order to finalize the eviction. If not contact the landlord and speak to them directly.
Talk to the landlord or the agent who is managing the property. He will handle the legal documentation for you. I will also talk to my agent at Tropicana Realty and will let you know if anything else can be done in this regard.
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