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CA Move Out Questions / Carpeting & Paint Damage

I am a Property Manager in San Jose, CA.  I have a large house that I manage in Monte Sereno, CA - a small affluent town next to San Jose.  My current tenants are in the process of moving out of the property after an 18 month tenancy.  I had new carpeting installed throughout the whole house 18 months ago.  The tenants hired a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpeting - we know the carpet cleaner - he is very good.  The carpet has a large bleach stain in one bedroom and several other spots that will not come out.  The carpeting is not coming back in the same condition as promised. Can I replace some of the carpeting and charge it from the Security Deposit? Can I charge some money against his Security Deposit? (a certain percentage?) I'm not sure how to handle this situation - my tenant is very aggressive and he has stated that he is expecting his Security Deposit back in full.  Because they have been in the residence 18 months, is there some type of schedule to prorate any damages to the paint and carpet?  It appears we may have some similar issues with regards to the interior paint job.  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks, Michael
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Yes you can absolutely deduct money from the security deposit, this does not fall under normal wear and tear. Make sure to itemize all costs and take photo references to help if this should go to court action.  Once you have receipts and documentation send a notice with everything to the tenants explaining the deduction.
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