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Lease Violated

I have a tenant, who signed our lease. In the lease, it states to not perform repairs and to immediately notify the landlord of any repairs or problems. When they first moved in ,I informed then, I would have someone repair the item( carpet)  that needed repaired. I called and told them who was coming. The next day, I received an email from them telling me they had it done and  what amount to pay them. The next problem, I received an email, stating over the weekend they had drainage problems.The house toilets was running over and they called two companies to comeout .  I was never called or notified of what happened. I was given an excuse they were busy and had kids, but they found my email  on Monday morning to write a long email.  They sent me a email with amounts they paid. I refused to pay, due to, my lease terms.I then received an email from the tenant he was getting an Attorney. Going foward, they continue to not inform me of concerns until I request something and then I receive a list of things that need to be done. I inform them, the lease term states to inform landlord immediately. I need help on how to handle this problem tenant who thinks , I am the tenant and he is the owner.

Plain and simple they are in direct violation of the lease. That is immediate terms for eviction.  Let them know this as well and have them provide you with all receipts and photographic proof of damages.  They may not have even had the work done. Lastly start the eviction process and file it and let them know that your attorney is on standby and ready for theirs. Make sure you have yourself covered and read the lease to make sure it is clearly stated. Then Make sure that you double check email and phone records to prove that you were never contacted.
Evict now!!  This will only get worse. They are trying to reduce the rent by billing you for work that probably has never been completed.  If they actually paid for the repairs you should not be liable since you did not authorize the repairs.
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