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renter moved out didnt pay this months rent and totally thrased house

what are my rights as landlord? i have a signed lease. they had extra dogs in house. left the house filthy and new carpets and flooring that i installed 2 yrs ago totally ruined. ceiling fans blades broke etc. left a dog and a cat and they are starving.  i want to know how to recoup my money i live in colorado

You should consult an attorney but I would think you should first take pictures of everything including the abandoned pets.  You should call the local animal authorities regarding the pet violations.  If the damages are below the small court claim amount you could go that route.  If not you will need an attorney to file suit on your behalf for the rent and the damages.
The dog and cat that are starving - is abandonment and cruelty - I am sure the animal shelter can take pictures and make evidence of that - perhaps also create a violation - this you can use as evidence in your case. Evidence of character that will bolster any other claims you have. Circumstantial claims might be considered with a bit more gravity in this case and help you to receive your claim. I am not an attorney so you should consult one for legal advice. If it were me though I would get all of the documented information I could from sources other than myself that I could.
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