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Tenant Harassment Illinois

My tenants have been a nightmare since day one. Calling local city home inspectors complaining about everything you can think of. Finally they are moving out April 30th and today I receive a home inspection report regarding mold that they decided to do without giving me any timely notice or the opportunity to pick the inspection company and now want to deduct $325 for March's rent for the cost of the report and want me to fix all so called issues that where "recommended" in the report or they will not Pay Aprils rent. Note no mold tests where done just an air test. What are my rights regarding this I just want them out but do not want to loose rent.

It should be stated in the  lease that no modifications can be done on the house with out the consent of the landlord. This would include a home inspection. They must also make you aware of any such issues with the rental unit that need to be addressed and give you the appropriate amount of time to fix the issue before they attempt to remedy the problem themselves. Make sure that you have the receipts verifying the tests that were done and if need be contact the company that carried out the inspection with proof of home ownership to get a full report of what had been done. Last but not least good luck!
It depends on what is stated in the lease agreement. Like Richard said, It should be mentioned that the tenant's have no right to modify anything in the house. When my agent at Tropicana Realty made the lease agreement for my property, i made sure that he adds this point in the lease.
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