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Tenant has not changed Utilities

I signed a lease with a tenant in December and they moved in January 1.  The lease states that they are responsible for the utilities.  I discussed the cost of the deposit before the lease was signed and she assured me that she had the money to change the power over.  It is now March and she has not changed the power over.  I need to make sure that I am o.k. to have the power turned off?

If I am not mistaken, Alabama law doesn't allow the landlord to shut off any utilities in that situation. I would send them a notice, if they do not fix the situation by the date the notice states. I would start the eviction process. GOOD LUCK!
Yea, you cannot simply turn the power off. From the information, I've been able to gather from my agent at Tropicana Realty, you need to send a notice to the tenant before taking an action against her.
In my lease it states that there needs to be a confirmation of the power change before we do the walkthrough and they get keys.  It only takes a phone call by the landlord and the future tenant to make this happen on a given day.  I used to read the meters on that day but now we have the smart meters and it will not be necessary. We paid for a few weeks of winter utilities of one tenant and do not want it to happen again.
How are you turning off the power by telling the power company that you are not longer responsible for the bill?  Give the tenant notice and let them know that they will have X days to set up the accounts with the utility companies.  Be sure to check with your local laws before you proceed.
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