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lawn/yard maintenance

Can you force your tenant to do yard/lawn maintenance if it is written into the lease agreement?  Are the tenants expected to maintain the yard/lawn maintenance? My last tenant didn't maintain shrubs or yard was a jungle.

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Yes, by force may be not so... don't hold a gun to their head, but you can charge them a penalty fee and pay a landscaper to groom the property. I would approach the tenant first with a notice to fix the issue or they will have to pay a monthly fee for breaching contract or they will be evicted. Explain this monthly fee is for someone else to carry out their obligation that they agreed to in the terms of the lease.
I have three properties that I have rented with "lawn mowing included" in the rent. This way, I do not have to worry about the tenants growing a "jungle". It saves a lot of aggravation.

How much notice is required before you send some out to maintenance the yard? 

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