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Security Deposit Renewal for Florida

Good day  Currently I am in the process of renewing a lease to my current tenant using ezlandlord forms. My current lease was done via Remax and the contract requires a new lease be constructed for renewals.  I am currently holding the security deposit for the current lease which is ending soon. Since it is the same tenant but a new lease being used, can I retain the current security deposit and use it for the new lease. If so, what should I state in writing (wording etc.)  If am unable to do this, what do you recommend.

Thank you
Yes, it seems that you should be able to as long as it is stated that it is a renewal of the existing lease and that the security deposit in the amount of $_______ dollar will be returned to the tenant upon the termination or expiration of this leasing period, provided it it not renewed. Make sure that you retain a copy of the old lease as well as the lease renewal form.  I have been using this site for quite some time now and once you make forms it is great that you can just dump information from one form to another.
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