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Leasing issue

I live in NYC and I rented my 2 bedroom apartment to 2 guys. One of the tenants is on a month to month and he just got married and has moved his wife in. The other tenant is not happy about room mating with an extra person and a female. I am going to serve them (the married couple) with a 30 day end of tenancy letter for August 31.   However I was wondering how can I get her out faster my lease clearly states : Any change in occupancy will require written consent of the Landlord and may be subject to an adjustment in the amount of rent.    This did not happen I was not notified.  Can I serve a 7 day notice as breach of contract due to not being notified of an extra occupancy.  My other tenant is NOT happy at all!!
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Yes you can do that and evict them however in most cases evictions will take about 30 days and money.  The best bet since they are on the month to month is give them the 30 notice that they will need to move out after the next 30 days is up.
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