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How to inforce garbage, recycling done correctly that is in NYC Lease?

I have it in the Lease that Tenant is required to recycle as per NYC law.  It is not the responsibility for landlord to go through your garbage or the pails  to do this.  I still see it not being recycled correctly. sticking out of the garbage bags.  I also received a ticket and it was paid by tenant but every time this 2 family house gets a ticket it goes up $25.00 as if I am responsible to do this. It could be dangerous for me to go through mixed garbage. I also am not to go through tenants mail. If it is all together what am I to do.? How can I enforce this rule? My previous tenant left with about 18 large black bags of everything mixed together. I hired someone it took more than half a day to do this. I also had to hold most of it and get rid of certain amount each week till all was taken. We are limited to certain amount of garbage cans / bags per week Tenant can't get a fine after leaving the apartment.
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Send them a notice of what is happening and if it continues to happen they will be in and are in breach of the contract for not following out the regulations set by the housing complex/building and city. If they do not change they must pay all fines and will be evicted and reported to the city.
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