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I noticed late Saturday morning my refrigerator wasn't freezing. I'd just gone shopping for the month several days before. I called the office late night emergency number and made the complaint. No one called nor came on Sunday so I called the office again on Sunday. They were not aware  of my calling them on Saturday. I called the office on Monday and told them of my conversation with them on Saturday and Sunday.  They didn't get a call from the emergency people neither. But told me the maintenance person would be here this morning.  He didn't come until in the afternoon and I called them back repeatedly. I later told her remember  I have an emergency  I've already thrown out most of my foods and I'm trying to save something to eat when is he coming, I also have an appointment today. She said she'd call him and work it out for us to get it replaced. Well I again had to call back an hour before my appointment time. She said he was still busy and hold on. We had to work it out for 4:00 p.m.  The food I tried to save cause I'm on special diets he told me it had to be thrown out as well it was no good. He then changed my refrigerator with one older than the one that had to be removed. I'm afraid to put much food in it cause it may stop working as well any time. I need my special foods I'm on a special diet and gave them a  copy of this letter as well. I got a hold of my insurance company I have a $ 500. 00 deductible and I have to go to the landlord for what's  left after that I need my foods replaced can I get my foods back from the landlord ?
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Most likely you will not be able to. Sometimes things go bad and if it is replaced no matter the age of the newer installed unit, they did their part even if it was two days past. What you could have done was get a cooler and ice to keep everything good for that time.  What is it you are paying a deductible on? Was your food insured? If it is a medical thing you may be able to approach the landlord and explain this, they may be able to work with you on replacing your items or compensate you for the deductible.
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