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Renewal Question

Tenants have lived in the house for a couple of years.  They have not been ideal tenants - late payments, not abiding by the lease in terms of lawn maintenance, gutter clearing, filter changing, general cleanliness of house, some broken items like storm windows, etc.  The lease is up for renewal and they are asking for a month to month arrangement because they might be getting a divorce.  It will take a lot of sweat and money to get the house in shape for new tenants.  However, now is the best time for new tenants.  If we allow for a month to month arrangement, they could move out in the winter and that would be poor timing for us.  Any suggestions for making a difficult situation better?
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If they have been less than ideal, don't renew the lease. Take the spring to repair the home and lease it again this summer.  It seems they have many lease violations over the years and they aren't sure if they want to stay anyway. My only other suggestion would be instead of a month to month lease, do a short term lease (3 months, 6 months, etc) this will protect you from having an empty house in the winter time.   Good Luck
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