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Pro Rating Rent

I have tenants moving in halfway through the calendar month - how do I specify rent for the first month in the lease if it is going to be pro-rated?

David B, If you are using our lease builder you can state the Pro-Rated rent in step 4 of the lease builder under Funds Collected at Lease Signing. You can check the box and specify the price. Please contact us through Live Chat if you need us to assist you directly.
I had the same issue with new tenants; I calculated the daily rental fees based on the number of total days in that month. Then, I multiplied that fee times the number of days that they would actually be living there & taking possession of the keys. Then, I specified in the Rental Lease that beginning on the first day of whatever month it would be, the rent would be due at the regular rate of $ whatever rent. It makes it easier for you as the landlord. I had some potential tenants ask me for a reduced rental rate for the first month because they would only be moving in a little at a time. And, they wanted the keys for that arrangement- they wanted 15 days of free rent! I denied them & 2 weeks later, I found better tenants for more rent -because they have a little dog. On another property, I did give the new tenants 3 days of free rent so that they could move out of their home they had owned & sold. They needed a short time to ready & clean their sold home for the buyers final walk-through. They were very grateful for that & it made my book-keeping easier for just 3 days of free rent.
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