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Hello, Lease contract states that a late fee of $30 would be due if the rent is not paid by the due date. Tenant will be paying $415.00 of $500.00. So Tenant will be short $85.00dollars. Tenant has stated that he may not have the $ 85.00 till the next months rent, including late fee. I,m stuck here. Don,t want Tenants thinking that it is ok to pay partial rent, and wait a month to pay the balance, but my lease does not specifically state that partial payment must be paid by so many days. which is what I need. Lease only states that late rent shall be accompanied by a late fee of $30.00. This is a standard Ohio lease template off this website. Appreciate some wise advice. Thanks!

If the full rent is not there, the rent is late. Charge the late rent fee and send a notice or alert the tenant that they must pay on time or face eviction. This sounds stern so convey the message as you would like but always treat your rental property as a business.   Also if you would like to clarify you can add a statement that partial rent is still late rent and that the entire amount is due on or before... If they are short this month then why would they pay full amount plus the remainder.
Thanks Rich! Appreciate the advice.
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