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Tenant's rent paid to end of term but moving out early

Due to a violation of the terms of the lease (pet related) my tenant and I mutually agreed to amend the lease to allow her out of her original lease term of one year.  The term now ends on June 21.  She is current on her rent and has paid through the end of the lease term.  Utilities are the tenant's responsibility, however, she has chosen to move out on June 8, 13 days before the end of the lease term and plans to have the utilities taken out of her name on the day she moves out.  The utilities will be in my name from June 9 until my new tenant moves in on July 1.  This presents a few issues from my perspective.  Do I have the right to go in and shut the main breaker off and turn off the water during the remainder of her lease?  Do I have a right to access to the apartment to clean, patch walls etc. during the remainder of the term of her lease? When do we do an move-out inspection?  When she moves out, or at the end of her lease? If we conduct the move-out inspection prior to the end of the lease term, am I obligated to refund rent for the days she is not living there?

Use the security deposit to recover losses if you can and if the tenant already paid for the full time then moved out there is no need to reimburse them.  If they took their names off of the utilities you do have the right to turn off everything especially if they moved out.  You can prove that they are not there by the utility companies records so you should be safe.
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