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Tenant Paid Everything, Walk-Through and now won't move in...

First let me apologize if this has been covered but I do not even know what to search for at this point. This is my first tenant ever for a property I recently moved out of. Secondly let me apologize for the length of this post.  Tenants decide to lease my property (1 year) with the option to purchase. They pay an amount to hold the property, that amount is then to be converted to an option fee. They have seen the property once so far, and ask to stop by the property after signing the lease agreement and paying the hold deposit, which I allow.  That weekend (lease still not effective) I find one of the tenants at the property looking to do some lawn work. I show him the property again and he talks about all the improvements he wants to make. This is all OK, the lease agreement lists them as responsible for all maintenance and repairs since they will be buying the property eventually (at least that is how it was).  On the effective date of the lease I meet the tenants at the property and do a walk-through. They are fine with everything but ask that I fix a bad burner on the stove and remove some furniture from the basement (which I agree to). They pay the security deposit, pet fee and first month. I give them the keys and I leave them at the property since they are now leasing it.  24 hours later I get a angry voicemail and return the call. Tenant demands I come to the property with all the paperwork and all the money they have paid. They will not tell me anything that is wrong, only demand I come to the property. I do bring the paperwork (not the money) and meet them there along with my real estate agent since I wanted someone else there with me since the tenant seemed very hostile. The building has around 30-60 sticky notes on everything, but we dont get to the point of finding out what they say. The tenant is yelling and screaming, we cant understand what he is talking about and he wont tell us what he would like. Eventually I leave (after police intervene since he was blocking my vehicle).   Since then I am communicating via email with the female tenant, but they will not respond to any questions as to what they would like done. She only tells me that they are not moving into the property. I offer to fix whatever is wrong if they tell me what it is, or give them their security deposit, pet fee and prorated first month if I can find another renter. They don't respond to anything.   I went to the property to take care of the items I had told them I would during the walk-through and I find the sticky notes are mostly useless and profane. It's so odd because I am willing to work with them, but they just wont tell me what they want. My guess is they are trying to get a lawyer but I am not sure why...   Any suggestions?

If the lease has been executed and is now effective and the tenant wants to vacate early, you will need to settle some sort of early termination fee.  Since they have not given you a specific reason why the home is not habitable, there is no just cause why they cannot move in, especially if they agreed to repairs that needed to be made in the walk through. Hopefully the walk through was completed in writing and signed by both parties.   It's odd they are not communicating the actual reason they would like to move out early. It sounds like they are trying to scare you into giving all of their money back, especially if some of the fees are non refundable.  If they lawyer up, it would be a smart thing for you to lawyer up too.  Good luck.
I had someone like that once made all these demand and then wanted to sue. I gave him his security deposit back  (within 30 days) and since he moved out after two weeks he forfeited. his first and last month.  I called his bluff and he went away.
Don't have any specific insight to this situation, but just wanted to say hang in there! Not all tenants are like this :) Good Luck!
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