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Leasing to non-English speakers-Does Lease need to be in their language?

In CA---It is my understanding that when leasing to applicants that speak another language (other than English), and if the agreement(s) are made in that primary language other than English, that one must provide not only a Rental Agreement that will be signed in English, but that a copy of the Rental Agreement must be provided in their primary language as well.  Could it be a potential problem if this isn't done by the Landlord?  Is it okay to just inform the future tenants that they can have someone that they trust to translate it for them?  Or does the translation have to come from a notary or some other official?  Can the Landlord provide a translated version to them translated by the Landlord? Thanks.
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If they do not speak or read english at all you will need to have a translated version of the lease. This can easily be done to almost anything by simply dropping it in Google translate. This is what I have used.  As for the legal translation I think that as long as you run it by a lawyer you will be all set and plus you have google to back you up also.
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