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What are the consequences of not providing my tenants with a copy of the lease?

I have two tenants that rent out 2 different rooms in my house.  I had them both sign their own separate leases that I have. But I did not provide them with a copy of the lease.  Now one of the tenants will be moving out soon and so far this month has not provided me with rent.  what can I do?!?! what are my rights? Located in Wisconsin.
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Isaac - Do what your lease says you will do.  I'm guessing there are late fees?  If he refuses to pay why not file an eviction so that you can get that on his record (in most states tenants have ~3 days to cure after you post).  Also, provide him a copy of his lease ASAP.  If he still fails to comply/pay then turn the file over to a collections attorney (they often keep a large % of anything collected, but you don't generally have to pay them upfront).  I wouldn't loose too much sleep over it though, odds are that you'll never see a dime if the person has poor credit.  Do all you can, wipe off your jeans, and find a better tenant next time. Alex Yoder Dorman Property Management Colorado Springs
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