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Tenant moves before lease expires

Hi Everyone, I had sent a letter to increase rent on a property 30 days prior to end of lease on December 31, 2014.  Tenant stated they would be moving out by December 31, 2014.  They left the home without a specific date, no forwarding address, paid $1000.00 deposit. and owed December 2014 rent of $1200.00. Agreement stated deposit could not be used for rent.  It was a fixed lease for 1 year, January - December 2014.  I want to pursue them for uncollected rent and cleaning costs.  They did mail (2) keys and a garage door opener but no forwarding address.   What is the first step in pursuing them.  I want to make sure they don't do this to anyone else and be more responsible to other homeowners who rent.  Is that possible  Thanks

If you have their information from the original tenant screening and application, use their SS# to submit them to a collection company. You are entitled to the remainder of rent and the cost of the cleaning. A collections company should be able to track them. This is a small claims matter that you will need to take to court also. The court will aid in tracking.
This is just my opinion, I am not an attorney: Well.. the deposit will still go towards any damages and unpaid amounts - even if you lease says it can't be applied to rent.  Since they violated their contract by not paying the last months rent, you can charge fees on the December rent.  If there is just a small balance due above their deposit after that, I'd probably just move on.  Chasing them will probably not be worth the time/effort.  You are not going to teach them anything.. do not try to teach your tenants.  It will drain you, make you jaded, and it's not your job to fix the world.
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