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Oral agreement and now there are problems

The tenants and I agreed in writing to  increase in rent and orally for a new 1 yr lease. Then the tenant demand a new door, only the lock needed repairing so no new door.  Then he broke and tried to repair the refrigerator.  Refused to accept delivery of he new refrigerator. Refused to give updated contact information for his wife who is the head of household. refused to get renter insurance which is a requirement in the lease and now he is accusing me of harassment for asking question? I have a record of all of our texts , emails and I only inspect once a year.  I'm at a lose for just what his problem is other than he is upset  about the 50.00 rent increase and has resorted to property damage. I have not given them the new 1 year lease .  Can I give notice not to renew their lease instead with the 60 day notice.

Yes you may evict this tenant simply. Keep all communication records and talk to the local court to find the proper steps to take to file the eviction. You will also want to take all pictures and proof of damages caused by the tenant.
Stop the oral agreement and put in writing only. 30 day notice for the rent increase and be ready to start the eviction process using 3 day pay or quit letter. Inspect the property now, take photos and document.   Tenants take advantage of landlords plain and simple so start taking action. Later if you have problems you can use a collection service to go after money and report them to the major collection reporting agencies
Thank you all!   Well I gave him a three day notice and vacate notice. He moved Oct 03, 2015. What a mess!  He wouldn't let me in for the final inspection threatened to let his dog jump all over me. I called the police. Didn't go in and by the 3rd he was gone.    What is wrong with people?  Don't mothers teach respect for other peoples property anymore? Since when was lying the norm? And when did humans start living like animals?   So far I have had an executive that made one bedroom into a cat den shared with his daughter no litter box! 1. Do inspections  Then there were the law students that lied like rugs, and were nasty as pig pens. If you want to see what someone is really like, follow them home.  Geez.  2.  Ask what is that smell? If it smells there is more than one animal.  Then there was Mr. bad credit and Mrs. Great credit.  Forget about it!  If the old landlord doesn't want them to renew don't be the  new landlord victim.  Live, learn, and run. All the money in the world won't get the bad out of a tenant.  3. If the old landlord can't be reached, and gave a  non renewal notice. Run don't take the money! That form is code for their nasty and possibly evil.    One great tenant ! Left the place just as it was given to her after two years and she had a big dog.  I miss her.  4. Good people are easy to spot you can not be in a hurry to rent.  5. My mother is OCD means I'm filthy and my mother drove me nuts.  Thanks again,  I hope the next tenant is perfect.  I'll pay them to stay. LOL  Good luck everyone.
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