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Colorado Lease Agreement with roommates

What is the best way to deal with Roommates that are leaving and arriving at different times during the lease?  I have two tenants that have been there a year and would like to stay another year.  One other tenant has also been there the year but he has to leave in July, the two remaining roommates would like to get a fourth roommate now and then when roommate three leaves in July get a new roommate to replace him.  I'm renewing the lease now and trying to figure out the best way to write the lease so it doesn't have to be rewritten with each roommate change over the next year.  Thank Krisitn
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You could just have a roommate addendum attached or have the actual tenants sublet, so the tenants would be responsible. You definitely also want to run a background check on all tenants that will be in the property.  I usually write an individual lease for all tenants. It is the most fool proof way to keep you and your property safe.
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