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Eviction help

I put the following lease termination text in my florida residential lease:  "At the end of the lease term, if the landlord or tenant does not give any written notice to the other party to end this lease, it will automatically continue on a month to month basis. To terminate this lease at the end of the lease term or any renewal thereof, the landord or the tenant must give the other party 60 days prior written notice before the last day of the lease term or any renewal thereof."  The lease ended in September and it is now month to month. They are 12 days late in paying the rent and they locked me out of unit. How much notice do I have to give to get them out? since it is now month to month, can I just give 15 days notice or do I have to do 60 days?  I want them out as soon as possible.  Thank you.
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By the way, the county is Osceola County, FL.  Thank you.
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