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Long Term Tenant Renewal

Current tenant has been there for 4 years.   Lease is up for renewal, and we are increasing the rent $20 a month.  Also, had to connect the house to our well because their well went dry due to the drought.  So, we are going to charge a flat rate of $50 a month for water/electricity to pump the water.  Obviously, they are upset with the rate increases. Do you see any problems with this?  We are in Oregon.  Also, do you have to allow a grace period on late rent?  They have frequently been late on payment and I have adjusted to due date to later in the month, but I am tired of tracking them down for the rent.  Can I just start assessing late fees the day after it's due?  Thanks for your help!

I don't see any problem with increasing the rent but with my6 personal experience would suggest you to do all the procedure in written agreement and not orally. I was cheated by my tenant and since then I always take advice from experts at .
Thanks for the support!
Oregon doesn't have any rules on how much you increase rent when renewing leases. I don't see any problems with increasing the rent, especially since they have been continuously late during the 4 years.  Also they have a 4 day grace period to pay rent before late fees apply, but kudos for accommodating your tenants and changing the rent due date. Good Luck.
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