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Lease with mother, but not husband, what are  husband rental rights?

I signed a lease on my rental property with my mother, but only her. I did not include her husband ( since they may divorce), but listed him on the lease under "Use and occupancy" Only people living in the premises is (mom + "husband").  So I did list him on the lease as a person authorize to stay with her.  She is the only name on the lease, she is the only signer of the lease and she always is the only one that can give me the rent, I will not accept checks from him.   If they get divorced and she asks him to leave, does he have any right to fight it? Is he protected by tenant laws where I would have to force an eviction?
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What you did was good if you want the financial responsibility to fall on your mother. He will not be able to claim that he was paying rent, unless he has proof of it. However as it goes in divorce there is a chance that all financial responsibilities will be split 50/50 no matter what. On your end though it looks like you covered the proper ground, good luck in your new lease.
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