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Roommate moving out 6 months into lease

Remaining roommate wants to stay and carry the rent himself.  She would like her name off of the lease.  What do I need to do?

Simple enough, one make sure the one roommate can afford the whole rent by them selves. Two make a mutual termination of lease for the leaving tenant, releasing them from the lease. Three Make the remaining tenant Sign an addendum that they are solely taking responsibility for rent and the apartment. This way you are covered from all angles. You would need to give the security back to the other tenant that they are owed and have the remaining tenant pay that half.
Great information.  Thank you, Susan.  The remaining tenant chose to pay  3 months rent up front for security and both, terminating and remaining tenants will sign an addendum.  I will do an inspection with terminating tenant at the time of signing and return of keys.  I had a hefty lease termination clause in their original lease.  Because of this situation, and they have been model tenants, I negotiated for a modest admin fee to change the lease.
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